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Seeded in Love, Science, and Giving

We are a homegrown, simple, organic and eco-friendly company.

Our Core Values

Dr. Nettles Natural Beauty, LLC. has generations of health care providers and farmers living a minimalist lifestyle using nature to stay healthy. Our historical research and ability to use chemical free, homegrown organic products allows us deliver the upmost quality products. From our southern home to yours, we provide only natural and organic products, free of gluten, parabens, harsh chemicals, and animal testing.

Mission Statement

Dr. Nettles Natural Beauty educates and provides healthy alternatives to chemical-ridden beauty products and protect the environment while using natural resources. We provide quality, time-tested organic products.

Commitment to Giving

Dr. Nettles Natural Beauty was founded on service to others.

Meet Our Family (Dr. Nettles Beauty Team)

Dr. Joseph Nettles

Co-Founder, Chemist and Researcher

Dr. Joseph Nettles is a licensed dentist in private practice in Alabama. He graduated from Jarvis Christian College Sum Cum Laude with a double major in chemistry and biology. Dr. Nettles received his graduate degree from the University of Alabama with a Doctorate of Dental Medicine. He enjoys science and chemistry research and specializes in natural holistic medicine.

Dr. Dana Nettles

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Dana Nettles is a licensed pharmacist who graduated from The University of Alabama with a degree in Biology, then continued her studies at Samford University’s Mcwhorter College of Pharmacy. She has been practicing pharmacy for over 30 years, and has a passion for holistic medicine and herbal products. She has been natural for over 20 year and works as a consultant specializing in hair and health issues.

Nicholas Nettles

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Nicholas Nettles is a graduate of the Washington University in St. Louis. Mr. Nettles is an expert in security, defense, and management. For business inquiries, please reach Mr. Nettles at

Joseph Samuels Nettles

Product Manager

Joseph Samuels Nettles has studied agriculture, food science and business at Auburn University. He recently completed a food science program which includes food handling, food safety, production and health. Joseph has  experience in growing, harvesting, replanting, production, and manufacturing of various plants including bamboo. His credentials include food safety certificates, first aid and CPR trained, quality control and bacteria testing, firefighting, and personal safety. He is the supervisor of production, and provides a sterile facility for fresh, organic products.

Erica Nettles


Erica Butler is the founder & chief executive officer of EB Media Group, LLC, a creative communications agency. Erica has a background in communications and politics, working on Capitol Hill and serving as a political producer for a major news network. As a journalist, she has contributed to numerous outlets, which include Time Warner and NBC News.

Tracing the History and Accomplishments of Dr. Nettles Natural Beauty


Our History

Our ancestors grew up in Northern Alabama and on the Gulf of Mexico harvesting the land for medicinal purposes. They passed down their secrets to growing abundant and organic herbs, vegetables , and bamboo to improve their health and beauty.

Through unique preservation techniques and constant understanding of science, our family has maintained recipes dating back to the early 1900s. We use these apothecary recipes in our products today.

Where We Are Today

Our southern family created a legacy of soap makers and tea producers. Today, as physicians, scientists, dentists, and pharmacists, we bring an apothecary and holistic line of Dr. Nettles Natural Beauty holistic products.

Our products are global. Customers from California to London are enjoying our organic products seeded in love, science, and giving. For business inquiries, please contact

Are you ready for your prescription for natural health and beauty?