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Organic Bamboo Tea (30 bags)


Product Description

This delicious, nutritious bamboo leaf tea is organically grown and handpicked on our family farm. Located on the beautiful Gulf Coast, the soil is rich in nutrients and minerals. With a light, golden color and rich bamboo aroma, this smooth tea can be re-steeped without bitterness. This sustainable Organic Bamboo Tea maximizes wellness without harsh, toxic chemicals.

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Customer Reviews

Charita M. - 01/05/2019

Great use as a hair rinse/spray

've been using this bamboo tea as a hair rinse for about 2 yrs now. It is amazing how SHINY and SOFT my hair is with this! I have noticed that when I run out from supply, manipulating my hair can be a much heavier task. How I use: Bring to a boil 1 pot of water Add 1 teabag (2 if stronger concentration desired) and let steep for at least 2hrs Let cool (about 30mins-1hr) Add essential oils and/or preservatives as necessary (I use rosemary and lavender). Place stock in bottle for fridge storage (lasts longer this way) For styling: Place stock from fridge in spritzer container and style as desired! I use nightly for my twists (along with my whipped shea butter) and daily for my edges (along with whipped shea butter and flax seed gel)...

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